Short Story "Thicker than Blood" coming in August 2012Thanks to Storm Moon Press, my first short story, “Thicker than Blood” is available for sale. The story was originally submitted for an anthology of bisexual post-apocalyptic erotic romance. There were not enough entries to support an entire book, but they asked to publish my story on its own. The end result can be yours.

So this is a science fiction story with a strong erotic element. I spent a lot of time working on the world-building and trying to make the characters’ experiences real. Whether it’s David, who’s lead a sheltered life afraid people would discover he was born with illicit nanobots or Ayana who had ‘bots implanted on her skin back when it was a radical new technology, I wanted to explore the ramifications of this technology in a world where the ‘bots had already failed once.  The other characters, Yan (Ayana’s partner), and James (Ayana’s brother), also have complicated relationships with the ‘bots.

This has been a fantastic and fascinating experience. Storm Moon was very responsive all through the process, getting my feedback on the cover and helping me through the editing process.  The story is available in several e-book formats and at Amazon and other e-book retailers as well as from the publisher’s site.

Storm Moon Press also arranged a “blog tour” for me.  This week I will be visiting three sites as a guest blogger.  Today, the tour takes me to  Babes in Boyland.   And yes, for those who are wondering, “Thicker than Blood” does have a M/M pairing in it.

Please check my story out and let me know what you think.  I’d love feedback on it!