This is day two of my “blog tour” organized by Storm Moon Press.  You can find my latest guest post discussing some of the themes in “Thicker than Blood” at the Bending the Bookshelf blog.

Writing guest posts and exploring different issues associated with the story is an exciting process.  The idea to the story came to me in a rush, and even though it took time to write it, I didn’t spend a lot of time analyzing the themes in it until after it was completed.  My partner only read it after it was published, and found yet another theme I hadn’t considered.

With that in mind, some trivia after the jump:

1. The idea for the story gelled at a Sirsy concert.

2. If you are ever in Providence, Rhode Island, and you go to a venue called Firehouse 13, it might look just a little bit familiar from “Thicker than Blood.”

And for posterity, yesterday’s blog tour link from Babes in Boyland.