News on Coffee: Hot – Help choose the cover!

My next story will be appearing in the anthology Coffee: Hot published by Circlet Press and coming out this August.  I’ll be stepping up my blogging in advance of the estimated release date of August 4.

You can help choose the cover!  Circlet is running a poll so help us decide which of the two lovely – and hot! — ladies will illustrate this book.  I’m really excited to read the other stories; there will also be a blog tour and other chances to get to know us.  Stay turned.

Hippie-heart from nefigcas at openclipart.orgI also want to wish a congratulations to all the couples who can now get married thanks to yesterday’s Supreme Court decision.  May you live long and happy lives together.


I went to #porncamp and all I got…

….And you know, due to other complications, I didn’t even pick up the t-shirt.

#porncamp was the nickname of the Circlet Press Writers’ and Editors’ Retreat held earlier this month in Cambridge, Mass.  Even though my story isn’t out yet, I was invited to attend.

Friday night I met many other Circlet writers and editors, and we showed off our cat pictures (not surprisingly, lots of cat people were there, although some dog and even one rat person were in attendance, too).  We went around and read an excerpt from our work – some were spicy hot, some were action or fight scenes and some were really funny.  I was awed to be among such a talented bunch of writers.

Saturday was more educational, with information on structuring a novel, doing historical research, writing a blurb, social media strategies, and more.  It was also a time for writers to get support from each other.

I came out of the event inspired and ready to get some more writing done this spring and summer.  And having survived the rough winter here in Boston, it’s great to have some creative work to look forward to.

Back from Hibernation – Is It Spring Yet?

Or, even better: I swear I only danced ONE dance with that lovely fairy lass, so why is it over a year later?

Life stuff happened, I got a new job, etc., etc.  The river flows on under the lovely crystalline bridge.

There were some writing-related hiccups along with that, but I’m very excited to announce that I had a story accepted into the Coffee: Hot anthology coming out as an e-book from Circlet Press.  More details when I get them!

A bit of housekeeping: Some of my stories may no longer be available from Storm Moon Press as they only keep things in print for a limited period of time.  I’ll be updating the links to take those down and need to consider what to do next with them.

I’m looking forward to updating this blog more frequently in 2015, and to sharing more with you all.  As for the rest of it, Spring can’t come quickly enough.



Forgotten Menagerie available for pre-order


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The publication date for Forgotten Menagerie is coming up fast.  You can get 20% off if you pre-order the ebook or paperback.

Forgotten Menagerie Cover

Here’s the description from Storm Moon Press’ site:

A shifter leads two lives: one as a human, and one as an animal. Sometimes these lives are intertwined, and sometimes they are not, but always the shifter has to find a way to reconcile one with the other. Forgotten Menagerie reminds us that not all shifters are werewolves or werecats, despite the preponderance of them in fiction. The stories in this anthology focus on shifters with animal forms other than canine and feline, building their own mythos for these non-traditional species.

My story is called “Mirrors, the Moon, and the Boy.”

Highlights of Dracones


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It’s a beautiful day here in Boston, and I’m going to pretend it’s still summer. But autumn and winter are just around the corner and they’re the perfect time to curl up with a selection of hot stories – or two.

If you haven’t checked out Dracones yet, here are some notes on the other stories there which I hope will inspire you to pick up a copy. I’m not reviewing my story, “Fugue in Gold and Fire,” but I hope you like it, too.

My favorite story in the collection was the last one, “Lukos Heat” by Megan Derr. Najlah, a black warrior dragon in the Royal Shifter Corps, is on the hunt for a traitor with his comrades in the freezing mountains. They need the assistance of the Lukos, feral wolf-shifters native to the area, and especially their leader Barkus. The chemistry between the two shifters was intense, the world-building intriguing, and the sex scenes very hot. I also loved that Najlah’s humanoid form wasn’t completely human: he still had sharp teeth, scales and couldn’t speak. Derr very cleverly provided a way for them to communicate that made sense to the story and helped catalyze their coupling.

“Finding the Rain” by Tam Ames is a lovely tale told in the style of a Chinese folktale. The growing attraction between Buwei, sent to bring tribute to the dragon-lord, and Tian, the apparent care-taker of the dragon-lord’s temple, is developed through gradual, sweet interactions that felt very natural even within the context of the supernatural tale.

Humor is hard to write, but E.R. Karr pulled it off beautifully, in my opinion, in “Two in the Bush.” The telepathic interplay between psychic private investigator David and his partner Ferdie (an exiled dragon in human form) was poignant and often hilarious as they investigate the cause of a camping trip gone awry. I hope the author writes more with these two characters.

The remaining three stories were other variations on the “exiled dragon in human form” theme. In “Teller of Tales” by D.K. Jernigan, homosexuality isn’t tolerated in dragon culture so Peter lives as a human. But when he decides to turn stories of his dragon society into a fantasy novel, he feels an instant connection with the young publisher who reads the manuscript. Daire’s exiled because someone stole most of his magic in E.E. Ottoman’s “Weird Magics,” and he must team up with some alchemists who aren’t what they seem in order to get it back. Finally, in “Chanson Commencante de Guerre,” Lor Rose’s protagonist Rayvak has turned his back on the long war between the dragons and the (dragon) shifters, only to have it land on his doorstep.

I really enjoyed this anthology and was thrilled to be able to contribute to it. If you like fantasy stories with hot men, if you like dragons and the idea that they might be living hidden among us, then this collection should go on your winter reading list.

I forgot something!

Dear readers,

I forgot to tell you I will have a story in Forgotten Menagerie, another m/m romance anthology from Storm Moon Press.  This one has shifters that are unusual or exotic animals –  but not wolves or dogs or cats.   (Shifters – or weres – I like “weres” but it’s out of fashion these days.  Is it too hard to pronounce or did someone take out a patent on it?)

Even though my story is very different from the one I had in Animal Magnetism, some of my process was the same.  Be inspired by an animal, come up with a plot and research the animal’s behavior to make that aspect of the story possible.  This one is sexier than “New Tides” and of course the shifter aspect means it’s a paranormal romance.

I’ll post the link for pre-order as soon as it’s available, as well as information on the blog tour that I and the other writers are doing to promote the collection.  It’s due out October 15th!

Dracones in Print and a belated Anniversary Post

Well, it’s been a busy summer for me – as indicated by the relative lack of posts. I hope your summer was fantastic!

After some delays, Dracones is out in paperback, so if you were waiting on the physical book, the time is now.  I’m almost done reading it, and I’ll post my review soon.

It’s a belated Anniversary: my first ever “got paid for writing” stories came out last year in August.  Writing has been my life-long dream, so earning even a small amount from my stories fills me with a sense of accomplishment.

There were some reviewers who wondered if “Thicker Than Blood” would get a sequel. I’ve been too busy writing the story for Dracones and another upcoming anthology (more news soon to come on that!) to give it much thought.   Right now, I’m not sure how I’d make it a romance – I started the first story in the mindset that it was a science fiction story that happened to have an erotic component, and I’d have to figure out how to maintain that balance going forward.

Have you read it?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Back to school for students, and back to writing for me! I’ll keep you posted on upcoming projects soon.


Never too hot for Teahouse


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It’s summer, and I’m loving sitting in the sun, listening to the birds, maybe sipping some ice tea.  Spending time outside, with lots of water, finding the right place to walk to catch the elusive breeze.  Summer weekends are always too short.

But in the evening, it’s cooled down a little, and I’m looking for something to spice things up a little bit.  You know what I mean.  😉  If you want to try something fun, a bit light-hearted, but with characters with actual depth and sex scenes that are usually as important for character development as they are passionate, then I have another sexy webcomic recommendation:


Teahouse is yaoi, and the anime conventions are not to everyone’s taste.  There’re times I have to suspend my disbelief, but the payoff is worth it. While the site is 18+, the online content is more of a hard “R” rating — the printed books show the full monty.  Also, the Teahouse is a brothel, so if prostitutes as characters (even when treated well) bothers you, then this is not your comic.

Reservations aside — the characters are well developed, the art is very detailed and gorgeous, and the plot is a fun, sexy romp.  Highly recommended!

The dragons are in flight!

circledragonsDracones is now available for sale.  There are seven stories of gay romance and dragons in this anthology!  I’m just about to start reading it and I’ll write a review of the other stories soon.

In the meantime, you can buy it from Storm Moon Press (the publisher), from Amazon, from All Romance Ebooks and from other online retailers.  Available in e-book or softcover; some sites may sell the e-book only.  Enjoy!

Available at

Dracones available now!