Great news!  Grumpy Old Gods: Volume 1, with my story “Rule 34,” is now available in paperback.  Great for a beach read during these last few weeks (oh, no) of summer.

And hopefully you need more Grumpy Old Gods in your life, because Volume 2 is available on Amazon via Kindle Unlimited or in paperback.  For more Grumpy news, check out the publisher, Storm Dance Books.

Want to know some “Rule 34” trivia? Possible spoilers ahead!




I was in Wicked Good Books the other day — yes, it’s a real place, located — where else could it be but Salem, Massachusetts?  It’s a wonderful local book store, and Salem has so much history, I had to use it for the setting of the final scene where Zeal Forge gives his reading.

And, of course, Zeal Forge is a convoluted synonym for Lovecraft.

Want to know more trivia?  Ask in the comments! Or if you want to learn more of the tricks Anansi was up to in the traditional tales told about him, Wikipedia has a few examples and some links (Google will bring you many more).

Happy Reading!