Dear Readers, it’s been a while.  I hope 2018 is treating you kindly and you are remembering to treating yourself with kindness, too.

While I was digressing, my story “Deflowered” came out in Circlet Press’ anthology A Beastly Affair.  The other stories in this very fun, sexy collection vary from Annabeth Leong’s “weird west” adventure “Bete Noire” through science fiction and urban fantasy, with a couple fun, gay re-tellings of the familiar fairy tale before getting to my tale.  I’ll quote editor J. Blackmore’s description of “Deflowered” from the introduction:

“It’s silly and hot and it definitely, definintely, takes place in the Disney version of the Beast’s castle, but with one very major, and critical difference.”

Deflowered” was also selected to be read as part of Circlet’s partnership with the Nobilis Erotica podcast.  Read by the amazing Veronica Giguere, I’m honored to be in company with Julie Cox, Thomas S. Roche and so many others. (They’re rapidly approaching episode 400!)  If you enjoy audio stories, check out the Nobilis Erotica Podcast site!

Finally, “Deflowered” was selected to appear in Circlet Press’ most recent best of anthology. Superlative Speculative Erotica: The Best of Circlet Press 2012-2017, will be out within a month.  Circlet supporters via their Kickstarter or Patreon campaigns voted on which stories to include, so it’s even more on an honor to know that people are reading and enjoying it.

“Deflowered” started as a pansexual romp paying homage to and tearing up references to fairy tales that are related to Beauty and the Beast, with, yes a dose of Disney.  It’s super exciting that it’s had such a great reception.