Had enough of spooks but missing the Halloween vibe already?  Seeing is Believing by Terry Poole is a sweet, sexy M/M paranormal romance ghost story that I enjoyed quite a bit.

Romance writer Max Cooke is celebrating a movie deal for his books when he witnesses an attack on a stranger in an alley.  After calling the police, he rushes to check on the stranger — who dies in his arms, leaving him inexplicably heartbroken.

The murdered man was a police detective, Nick Horvath.  The next day, Nick turns up  in Max’s bedroom and the two begin a delicate dance as they navigate the reality of Nick’s special state of existence and the bond he has with Max.  Nick is only solid when he touches Max, convenient as they overcome initial misunderstandings and learn their attraction is mutual.

Poole doesn’t linger on the angst; while Nick has some trouble adjusting to his semi-corporeal state it isn’t long before he’s making a move on Max.  Max meanwhile, is scarred by his experiences with an abusive ex and takes some gentle coaxing to realize the handsome former detective wants him for himself and not just for convenience.  Once the couple get together, the sex scenes are hot and varied and show the couple’s growing affection.

Max was the witness to a murder, though, and the killer won’t leave that loose end dangling.  Seeing is Believing is light on the police procedural points, instead using this danger to explore Nick’s ghostly abilities and strengthen the men’s relationship.  I liked how the world-building was explored; it’s only in the second half of the book that we meet other people who can see ghost Nick and learn about the existence of people who help spirits on their way.

The tension rockets up toward the end, but despite a couple gut-wrenching scenes, the characters get their “happily ever after.”  I’d definitely recommend this light read for erotic romance lovers who like hot M/M sex scenes, humorous touches, and an interesting twist on the mythology of ghosts.

A couple of loose ends will hopefully be tied up in future books (a sequel was just released).  In the meantime, happy haunting.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of Seeing is Believing for review