Hello all, and welcome (more or less) to Spring here in Boston!

Since I last wrote, Owen Franks posted an interview with me about last year’s Coffee: Hot anthology.  And I have a new story coming out, hopefully this summer, in a new Circlet Press anthology, Like a Spell: Erotic Stories of Wizards.  My story in Like a Spell is set in the same world as the story in Coffee: Hot but with all new characters.

To get a preview of the new story, you can hear me reading the first scene as part of the Nobilis Erotica podcast (I’m about 20 minutes in).  As soon I have a release date or any other news, I’ll share it here.

Circlet Press hosts an author/editor retreat every April in Cambridge, MA, and this year I was able to attend the whole thing.  You can search #porncamp on twitter for highlights from my fellow attendees. A few things that stuck in my mind:

  1. I was finally able to play the party card game Slash: Romance without Borders.  Yes, I’m putting the “porniest” of the porncamp activities first.  As a slash fiction fan, I’d wanted to play this game since I heard about it and had a great time.  It was the perfect geeky and romance/sex-positive crowd to play with. (Mr. Spock with Professor Moriarty?  What do you think of that pairing?)
  2.  Got some amazing writing tips from Annabeth Leong and ShariAnn Lewitt.   Annabeth shared her technique for identifying and organizing scenes for a short story or novel and I can’t wait to try it on an upcoming project (imagine index cards all over the rug and cats sniffing them and kicking them around just when I think I’m done).  ShariAnn described how to add description to set the time/place/season to creatively orient the reader. Definitely advice I will keep in mind.
  3. Laura Antoniou, author of The Marketplace series, gave tips on writing a series.  Since I have ideas for an erotic fantasy series, this was very useful and timely information.

4. Friday night several of us went around and read a small excerpt of our work. Nobilis of the Nobilis erotica podcast was there and also spoke about how to make audio versions of our works.
5. I got to hang out with the lovely Julie Cox, author of Capricious.

It was great to hang out with and connect with many other writers, including some I’ll be talking about soon.

In other news, I’m taking a flash fiction class.  I’l share some of those ultra-short stories here soon as well.