….And you know, due to other complications, I didn’t even pick up the t-shirt.

#porncamp was the nickname of the Circlet Press Writers’ and Editors’ Retreat held earlier this month in Cambridge, Mass.  Even though my story isn’t out yet, I was invited to attend.

Friday night I met many other Circlet writers and editors, and we showed off our cat pictures (not surprisingly, lots of cat people were there, although some dog and even one rat person were in attendance, too).  We went around and read an excerpt from our work – some were spicy hot, some were action or fight scenes and some were really funny.  I was awed to be among such a talented bunch of writers.

Saturday was more educational, with information on structuring a novel, doing historical research, writing a blurb, social media strategies, and more.  It was also a time for writers to get support from each other.

I came out of the event inspired and ready to get some more writing done this spring and summer.  And having survived the rough winter here in Boston, it’s great to have some creative work to look forward to.