Or, even better: I swear I only danced ONE dance with that lovely fairy lass, so why is it over a year later?

Life stuff happened, I got a new job, etc., etc.  The river flows on under the lovely crystalline bridge.

There were some writing-related hiccups along with that, but I’m very excited to announce that I had a story accepted into the Coffee: Hot anthology coming out as an e-book from Circlet Press.  More details when I get them!

A bit of housekeeping: Some of my stories may no longer be available from Storm Moon Press as they only keep things in print for a limited period of time.  I’ll be updating the links to take those down and need to consider what to do next with them.

I’m looking forward to updating this blog more frequently in 2015, and to sharing more with you all.  As for the rest of it, Spring can’t come quickly enough.