Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a dragon.  Then always be a dragon.

I found this fun graphic on Facebook the other day, and traced it back to the keepcalm-o-matic web site.  Historical fact of the day:  despite the prevalence of “Keep Calm and Carry On” in internet meme circles, the saying was not actually circulated during WWII.  You can read more about the history on the keepcalm-o-matic site, and can design your own slogan.

Dragons are on my mind (more than usual) because Dracones is coming out this week!  You can pre-order it on the Storm Moon Press website for a discount (it will also be available on Amazon and other online booksellers once it comes out).  This is a print as well as e-book anthology, and my story leads it off.

“Fugue in Gold and Fire” is somewhere between steampunk and gaslamp fantasy.  I’m not going to dig into the differences right now to give it a definite category.  And don’t you hate the constant labeling and re-labeling that goes on?  In my world, there is definite magic, and the steam-powered gizmos are off-screen in this story.  There are goggles, though.  (I couldn’t resist that bit of standard steampunk gear.)  And gas lamps.  Now I will have to finagle a way for an airship to show up in the tentative sequel….

“Gaslamp fantasy” was coined by Kaja Foglio, one of the creators of the wonderful comic Girl Genius.  It’s a fantastic and beautifully put together fantasy adventure and definitely an inspiration for me. (And safe for work.  This is not one of the “sexy” comics I promised you I’d recommend.)

But while I’m speaking of sexy comics, check out Oglaf (18+ years old, please).  Funny, usually twisted, and very often explicit, Oglaf sometimes has some running storylines, and most of the stand-alone comics twist sexy tropes into entertaining conclusions that will leave you wondering why you never thought of that before.  Check it out if you like your sexual humor twisted (and featuring a variety of different sexual orientation pairings/scenarios).