Happy 2013 to everyone!

My year started off great with the news that I have another story accepted by Storm Moon Press.  It is scheduled to be published in an anthology that will come out the end of April.  More details soon.

I’m very excited.  This is the long steam-punkesque story I was wresting with.  It’s fantastic that SMP wants to include it in the anthology.  I’d love to return to that world someday, too.  Ideas for a sequel are starting to percolate.

On the pure geekery side, this coming weekend is Arisia, the local science fiction convention.  I’ve been going for more or less twenty years and always look forward to it.  Between seeing old friends, meeting new ones, learning, shopping — there is always a lot to do.

I plan to go to more of the writing panels than I have in recent years.  I’m a habitual note-taker, so I’ll write them up for the blog afterwards and share the wisdom.   I hope to do some networking with other writers as well, including another SMP author who will be there.

Check back next week for my Arisia report!