I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The deadline was pushed back on the anthology I was writing for, so I just sent my story off a few minutes ago.  Now the waiting begins…

One way I spend the time between writing project is watching web series. There is a ton of creativity out there, and because there are no “rules,” it’s fascinating to see what people come up with.

I recently watched “The Outs,” about a couple of young gay men in New York City (and the one man’s female best friend.)  I enjoyed it a lot, and I definitely know people who talk just like the main characters.

You can check out all six episodes at http://theouts.squarespace.com/watch/   

The season (or series?) has wrapped at this point, although a Hanukah special is in the works as an epilogue.

Enjoy watching any gay-themed web series?  Share your favorites in the comments.