The overlapping pink and blue triangles are a common bisexual symbol.

In 1999, three bisexual activists decided to create a specific day for bisexuals that would be separate from the larger GLBT Pride celebrations.  I don’t know how they selected September 23, but Bi organizations throughout the world still use this date to put on events and raise bisexual visibility.

There is even a Wikipedia page that will give you links if you are interested in more about this day and its history.   Maybe there is even an event near you! (Allies and friends are always welcome!)

I often write bisexual characters, along with gay, lesbian, and straight characters (and characters where their sexual orientation doesn’t come up in the story).  But as a bisexual writer, there is a part of every story, and especially any story dealing with relationships that are “unconventional” or involve sexual minorities, that is informed by my personal experiences.

Here in Boston, CBD was celebrated last night with a screening of “3”.  If you like art films with a bit of an intellectual bent,  you’ll enjoy this bisexual film which has some great scenes with the two men as well as heterosexual love scenes.  My friends at the Bisexual Resource Center did a fantastic job putting on this event.

Happy CBD to you all!   Celebrate your “flexibility” however you choose to define it! (Sexually or otherwise.)  Remember to embrace life and always try new things!

P.S.  This is not to imply that straight writers can’t write gay or bi characters, vice versa, etc.  Anytime anyone makes an informed, good faith effort to write about someone different than them is a good thing, in my opinion.