Today concludes the blog tour for “Thicker than Blood” with a last stop at Pants Off Reviews.  And I’ve also been emailing people, Facebooking people.  (And neglecting Twitter.  Poor, spurned Twitter.  I shall figure out what to do with you soon.)

What have I learned from the blog tour?

I can never read all the cool-sounding, exciting, hot books that are out there.  And more are coming out all the time.  It would be worth uploading a copy of my brain to a computer just to read the books for me. (How would that work?)

To those following the blog, thank you!  I will strive to keep it entertaining, and not all about me.  (Who am I kidding?  Of course the blog is all about me.  But I’ll try to entertain you nonetheless.)

Next week, Animal Magnetism comes out and there will be more on that.  In the meantime, I leave you with Gilbert Gottfried Reading Fifty Shades of Gray (not safe for work):